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In September and October of 2010, Jordan and Erich did a whirlwind driving tour of about 10 cities primarily in Germany, Alsace, the Netherlands and Belgium. This was Jordan's post-high school trip and he chose the places to see. Two weeks later they joined Carol in Paris. Together the family travelled to Provence and the Cote d'Azur, and then on to Venice where they embarked on a 12 day cruise through the Adriatic and Black Seas. This was followed by several days in Rome and London. We hope this collection of photos and commentary offer a sense of our rich experiences.

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During our trip, we saw a variety of sights, encountered a range of weather, and experienced a number of unique events: From bustling cities to sleepy villages, from ancient ruins to modern art, from brilliant beach weather to torrential rain, from World Heritage sites to buskers, and from religious services to political protests. Such are the delights of travel.

Life is good!!!!

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