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This web page was revised in 2020 to serve as a compilation of photos and commentary from previous trips to Europe in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2013. As a Covid 19 project, the pages have been reformatted, the photos have been refreshed and the commentary has been updated.  These destinations retain the attractions that drew us to them originally: the natural beauty, the art and architecture, and the cultural experiences. Some destinations we revisited in later years, and these have been linked accordingly.

We crossed through several countries and travelled by train, rental car, ferry and cruise ship. During our trips, we saw a variety of sights, encountered a range of weather, and experienced a number of unique events: From bustling cities to sleepy villages, from ancient ruins to modern art, from brilliant beach weather to torrential rain, from World Heritage sites to shabby alleys, and from religious services to political protests. Such are the delights of travel.

Refreshing our memories helped us cope with the lack of travel during Covid 19.

Cheers! Sending happy thoughts until we can travel again post-Covid.

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